Your leather furniture, seats, car seats and handbags as good as new

You thought your leather furniture was beyond repair? Wrong! Good-bye smudges,  saggy pillows or ragged fabric. Thanks to Leder-Kliniek's excellent care your leather will rise and shine again. We mend, recolour or reupholser (almost) anything made out of leather.
From car seats to commercial airplane seats and leather lounge seats to furniture that has been damaged by water or fire. Our apologies for having to disappoint you; at the moment we do not yet have the equipment for the restoration of coats and shoes.

You want your leather in perfect shape again? Discover how on our website.

The best products to nourish your leather

Leder-Kliniek used all its experience and expertise to develop a wide array of products that nourish, clean and protect your leather. Even making it waterproof is possible!

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